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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Spicy Jalapeno Pickle Dip

Spicy Jalapeno Pickle Dip- Pickles, jalapenos, cream cheese, and dried beef. The most addictive dip recipe turned up the heat!
Hold on to your hats, this pickle dip is spicy enough to bring tears to your eyes! I added: Not one, not two, no, not even three jalapenos... I added FOUR FREAKIN' JALAPENOS to my world famous pickle dip recipe. The result is insanely spicy and addictive.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Fail- Watermelon Rum Punch

Watermelon Rum Punch- Sammi Sunshine's review and thoughts.

This past Friday the 13th was my dad's birthday. I posted his favorite peanut butter cookies in honor of him, and I tried out a new cocktail recipe for us to enjoy while we celebrated!

It was actually my mom's idea to make a cocktail, and she mentioned they had rum. I knew her garden was being overtaken with mint, so I searched online for a rum/mint drink. I found a watermelon rum punch recipe, which looked easy enough for my low level of cocktail making skills, and all we needed was watermelon! Off to the store she went.

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